MSc Scholarship Opportunity at AIT (Thailand) and UPLB (Philippines)

Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security (ICF)

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh

Call for MSc Candidates

The Dutch Government-funded project NICHE-BGD-156 “Integrated management of crop-fish-water resources to enhance agricultural production systems towards sustainable food security in Bangladesh” supports the development of expertise in interdisciplinary teaching and research at BAU, and at BARC and other NARS institutes. NICHE-BGD-156 has scope of funding for 6 MSc research projects.

Eligibility. Applicants should:

–          Any Scientific staff of the NARS institutes (BARC, BFRI, BARI or BRRI) or any BAU teaching staff;

–          have obtained their BSc or in-country MS with a CGPA of 3.5/first class or above in both BSc and MS levels; and

–          be able to meet the required IELTS or TOEFL admission requirements of the respective institutes (AIT, UPLB)Applicants are requested to submit the following files:

A. The certificates and transcripts of their BSc and MS (full colour pdf scans in A4) and a cv (maximum 2 pages, including the names and contact details of 3 independent referees);

B. A motivation letter of less than 500 words indicating:

  1. their interest in the MSc (see websites for complementary information) at:

2. how the proposed area of study relates to the candidate’s present research field and to interdisciplinary research on food security in Bangladesh.

Deadline: 20 September 2014

Submit to: Prof. Dr M Ali Akbar, ICF director, BAU, Mymensingh ( ) with cc to Prof. Dr Harunur Rashid ( and Dr. Ann Gordon (


  • Applications for the AIT Gender and Development Studies programme are particularly welcomed.
  • The project partners are especially interested in receiving applications from women candidates, candidates from the relevant NARS institutes and candidates whose study and research interests relate to gender.
  • After a preliminary review in-country, applications that meet the minimum requirements will be assessed by an independent team at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
  • Successful candidates will receive MSc scholarships for a maximum of two years, respecting the NFP norms of the Netherlands cooperation programme and relevant host country costs (
  • The MSc students will be expected, where possible, to conduct Masters projects that support the interdisciplinary PhD research funded under the same NICHE project.
  • The MSc candidates are expected to contribute to the activities of the BAU Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security, after graduation.

For further information regarding the programme and the process please consult Dr Harunur Rashid at ICF, BAU ( or Dr Paresh Golder at BARC (

N.B. This call is open to any BAU/BARC/BARI/BRRI/BFRI teacher/ scientist. No staff nomination required.