ICF to Establish ‘Food Quality & Safety Lab’ at BAU

[23 March 2015] Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security (ICF) has taken initiative to establish a Food Quality & Safety Lab (FQSL) at BAU. The process for establishment of this lab has already been started. To discuss the issues on FQSL establishment ICF team had a meeting with FAO Food Safety Project team members (lead by Dr Sridhar Dharmapuri, Food Safety Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization, Institute of Public Health, Dhaka) and Mr Laurent Umans (First Secretary, Food Security) of Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dhaka.

From ICF side the meeting was attended by Prof Dr M Ali Akbar, Director-ICF, Prof  Dr Emdadul Haque Chowdhury, ICF Coordinator for FQSL, Dr Md Ismail Hossain, Professor of Food Quality & Safety (fishery products), BAU, Dr Md Kamrul Hassan, Professor of  Food Quality & Safety (horticultural products) and Prof Harunur Rashid, PhD, Coordinator, NICHE-BGD-156 Project, ICF, BAU.

LAB COMPONENTS: During the meeting, it was agreed that the FQSL will be composed of the following components:

A. Quality assurance: feed analyses

1. Carbohydrate | 2. Protein (crude protein; amino acids) | 3. Fat (% fat, essential fatty acid) | 4. Ash (% ash; Ca, P and few other trace minerals; % fiber).

B. Safety analyses: food & feed

Chemicals: 5. Detection of presence of antibiotic in foods and feeds | 6. Veterinary drug residues in foods | 7. Growth promoters in feeds ( antibiotic growth promoter, steroid growth promoter, etc.) | 8. Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables | 9. Formalin in fish, fruits and other foods | 10. Carbide in fruits | 11. Heavy metals in foods and feeds | 12. Hydrose, urea in human foods

Biological: 13. Pathogen in feeds and foods | 14. Toxin in foods and feeds.

Environmental: 15. Aquatic pollution (Industrial, Agricultural)

ICF director Prof Akbar thanked both Dutch Embassy (Food Security Component) and FAO Food Safety Project for their support and consulting in establishing the Food Quality & Safety Lab at BAU. In the meeting it was also expected that the ICF-FQSL will be operational within 2015.